Snorkel Rabbit is an emerging company based in Basel that is looking to bring a different perspective on the way we interact with dance and how we strengthen the connection with the public. Snorkel Rabbit would premiere “a distant perception” on January 29th 2021, at the Festival Compli'Cité de Huningue.

     An important aim of Snorkel Rabbit is to connect with the audience beyond the performance in a more intimate way. Our goal is to facilitate open rehearsals and workshop opportunities for the public before the presentation. In this setting, the the participants will have the opportunity to engage with the dancers and choreographer. Allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the movement language, either through participation or observation, as well as the concept and ideas behind this production. I would also like to provide the opportunity for the audience to participate in a post performance “Meet the Artist”  discussion. In this conversation, the dancers and choreographer would share their personal experience through the creative process and answer any questions the public may have. This would be an intimate opportunity to discover the interpretation and needs of the public. In turn, it not only facilitates a stronger bond with the audience, it also informs the creative team in ways to develop richer content and gain a wider perspective for future productions.

     The movement vocabulary and the concept driven by Snorkel Rabbit reflects contemporary and modern ideas which could be enjoyed by the young and older populations of the art public. The material that we create lends to the intellectual and forward thinking movements of our collaborators and mirror the current minds of the audience. Our ultimate goal is to widen the perspective of the community outside of the Arts and bring an awareness to a generation less involved with the Theaters. Through the opportunities given by Snorkel Rabbit to directly participate with the dancers on and off stage, we allow the chance to find and curate a larger and diverse crowd and begin developing new relationships and followings. 



                           Le Triangle

                      H95.Raum für Kultur