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Created for Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern 2022.

«Castillo’s has created an intense piece that pays homage to life, but also does not avoid its threats and reflects on the role of women."The Red Thread" leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which gives the piece intellectual grandeur in addition to its visual expressiveness. The seventy five minutes pass by much too quickly. But the pondering will continue long after the curtain has fallen.»

Die Rheinpfalz, 2022

Created for Philadelphia Ballet 2022.

«Castillo’s piece brings the kinetic feeling of Salvador Dali’s painting, “The Persistence of Memory,” to life on the stage; the complex production elements work together to create a mysterious world where time is suspended and memories float by like wispy clouds.»

The Dance Journal, 2022

Created for Konzert und Theater St.Gallen 2021.

« It is nature, but also art, "socially constructed" like masculinity and femininity, but also an invitation to everyone to step out of line. Where the chance of a new "We" opens up»

Tagblatt, 2022

Created for Stadttheater Bremerhaven 2022.

« Castillo's choreography nestles very harmoniously with Stravinsky's melodic music.»


Created for Opèra National du Rhin 2020.

« Castillo possesses a luminous art to move the group in a series of inextricable rounds in a single long sentence without hitches or seams. »

dansesaveclaplume, 2020

Created for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam 2020.

« The Spanish dancer and choreographer Alba Castillo provides pure dance poetry with a touch of magic in The Blend. In the old factory hall of Van Nelle a dream world flourishes in which fantasy and reality intertwine», 2020

Remember me, like this

Performed at the 5th Beijing Ballet and Choreography Competition. This work received the best choreography award and the Gold Medal at the competition.

Before you Land

This work received the Gold Medal at the 5th Beijing Ballet and  Choreography Competition.


 « Alba's work is characterized by its attention to detail and precision »

Rückblick, 2019

The Breathing Room 


This work was created in 2018 for Zürich Ballet, young choreographers." The Breathing Room"  won the 2nd prize at Synodales - Concours Chorégraphique Contemporain (2018).

This work was created in 2018 for Theater Basel, dancelab.

« Castillo shows what she can do and capture the hearts of the audience with her choreography. Love in all its facets »

Basel Zeitung,2018

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