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     Alba Castillo is a contemporary dance choreographer who has made a significant impact on the international dance scene. Born and raised in Valencia Spain, Castillo's love for dance was ignited at a young age, and she dedicated herself to honing her skills and artistic expression. 


     Her career took a significant turn when she joined the prestigious Compañía Nacional de Danza (National Dance Company) under the direction of the esteemed choreographer Nacho Duato. As a member of the company, Castillo had the opportunity to work closely with Duato and be part of groundbreaking productions that garnered worldwide acclaim. Her time with the Compañía Nacional de Danza allowed her to develop her craft, refine her technique, and explore the depths of contemporary dance. Following her tenure with the Compañía Nacional de Danza, Alba Castillo embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining the Ballet Theater Basel in Switzerland. This marked a pivotal moment for Castillo, as she had the chance to collaborate with internationally renowned dancers and choreographers, expanding her artistic horizons.During her time with Ballet Theater Basel, Castillo's choreographic talent flourished. She created captivating and thought-provoking works that showcased her distinctive style and artistic vision. Her choreographies seamlessly blended fluid and expressive movements with innovative staging and storytelling, leaving audiences enthralled.


      Castillo's choreographies have received international recognition and acclaim through numerous competitions and awards. Some notable achievements include winning second prize at the Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos & New York, and won the Audience Choice Award at the 5th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition. Additionally, she has been nominated for the 21st PREMIOS MAX de las artes escénicas (21st MAX Awards in Spain) and received the second prize at Synodales - Concours Chorégraphique Contemporain for her choreography "The Breathing Room". In 2019, she achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Gold Medal and the best choreography award at the 5th Beijing Ballet and Choreography Competition for her work "Remember me, like this". Furthermore, she was honored with a choreography award at the Oltner Tanztage, NEW IDEAS II for her piece "Before You Land". Beyond her artistic accomplishments, Castillo has pursued higher education, attaining a master's degree in stage design. These achievements reflect her dedication, expertise, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of choreography.


     Castillo has collaborated with various dance companies, artists, and institutions, continuously pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance. Her creative vision and expertise have led to the creation of original works for esteemed companies such as Scapino Ballet Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Opéra National du Rhin in France, Philadelphia Ballet in the USA, Ballet Bremerhaven in Germany, Theater St. Gallen in Switzerland, Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern in Germany and VDF in Spain, among others. Through these collaborations, Castillo has showcased her versatility and ability to adapt her artistic expression to diverse contexts, enriching the global dance landscape with her unique contributions.


     In 2020, Castillo co-founded Company Snorkel Rabbit, a multidisciplinary company based in Basel, Switzerland, and currently the resident company of Opera de Massy(France).

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