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a distant perception 

     a distant perception, will examine the notion of memory and how experiences shape our personal development. The work will attempt to portray the process of remembering through the use of human and environmental archetypes. Analyzing our emotional response to the past and how experiences affect our personal and collective connection to the world.

     The evening will be composed of a series of vignettes, short stories told through the form of memories. These abstract narratives will explore themes of loss, mortality, connection, and acceptance. Examining how the past may bring meaning and value into our lives. The stage design is an empty space to be filled with realistic and surreal objects as the evening progresses. These objects representing both the reality and fantasy of our memories. Classical and contemporary musical compositions will amplify the emotional journey of the evening. The new creation will be for 4 dancers. The light design, by longtime collaborator Lukas Wiedmer, will visually enhance physical nuances and atmospheres. The lights serving as a bridge to connect scenes and imagery as the evening unfolds. The work will be approximately 60 minutes in length without a pause.

     Through the ensemble's unique physical qualities and theatrical abilities, the evening aims to tell a universal story of mutual experiences. Exploring how people and material things influence who we are today, while referencing our collective need to connect and understand our personal role in the world. My hope is the work influences the audience to reflect on their past with a greater sense of self and harmony.

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