Performed at the 5th Beijing Ballet and Choreography Competition. This work received the best choreography award and the Gold Medal at the competition.


This work received the Gold Medal at the 5th Beijing Ballet and   Choreography Competition.

"Alba's work is characterized by its attention to detail and precision"


This work was created in 2018 and premiered in Burgos, Spain.



This work was created in 2018 for Theater Basel, dancelab.

"Castillo shows what she can do and capture the hearts of the audience with her choreography. Love in all its facets."  - Basel Zeitung.

This work was created in 2018 for Zürich Ballet, young choreographers." The Breathing Room"  won the 2nd prize at Synodales - Concours Chorégraphique Contemporain (2018).



This work was created in 2015 for Theater Basel, dancelab.

"In her fragility there is always strength, at least that’s what this choreography suggests. The group of dancers moves silently, jumping with powerful phrases in the background’s murmur, they dance themselves free."  - Basel Zeitung  

"Bipolar Skin" won the Audience prize at the 5th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition . Finalist at the International Choreographic Competition Hannover (2012). And the second prize at the Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos & New York (2012).



This work was created in 2013 for Theater Basel, dancelab.